Congress is enacting the biggest tax-reform law in thirty years – one that will make fundamental changes to the way you, your family and your business calculate your federal income tax bill, and the amount of federal tax you will pay. Even the taxation of income from traditional stocks and bonds has changed. But with thoughtful, proactive tax planning and reporting, you can minimize your annual tax bill and eliminate any potential surprises.

Such thorough tax planning, whether for yourself or your business, is the most effective way to limit the negative impact of taxes. These changes to tax planning, incorporating financial management, business holdings and taxation, insurance, planned giving, and more may present many unique challenges and opportunities for our high net-worth clients.

Here are just a few ways our deep understanding of tax law – and interpretations of tax law – help us identify trends in tax legislation and opportunities in order for our clients to retain more of their earnings- personally and in business.

Ongoing Tax Planning

Our clients often face complex tax rules and regulations, and never more so than this year in light of all the recent changes. Therefore, we help to:

  • Take advantage of the new lower corporate and pass-through entity tax rates
  • Interpret changes in the law and how decisions today can benefit our clients tomorrow
  • Analyze the tax benefits of investment opportunities
  • Advise clients about the financial overlap between themselves and the businesses they own
  • Provide income and estate tax counseling for financial settlements involved in succession and separation agreements

Return Preparation

We assist our high net-worth clients to meet their tax filing requirements while receiving all allowable deductions and exemptions by:

  • Improving current tax positions
  • Building and preserving assets
  • Minimizing estate taxes

Liability Exposure

By keeping abreast of the latest in tax laws, we help our clients minimize taxes early in order to benefit throughout the tax year with:

  • Additional tax compliance reporting
  • Generated incomes, whether passive, non-passive, self-employment or investment
  • Estate planning

At Bedinghaus, we are here to help you navigate the complexities of tax preparation this year and beyond to build comprehensive tax plans that work for you. Contact us today if you’d like to know more about how the new laws may affect you.