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Accounting & Tax Services

Accounting & Tax Services

At Bedinghaus, we pursue daily the ideals of precision accounting practices and the maximizing of tax law to the best benefit of our clients. We encourage our clients to lean on our expertise thereby removing the burden commonly associated with tax law issues.

Many of our clients are professionals, such as doctors or lawyers, high net worth individuals, and business owners. As a practice, business, or portfolio grows, financial needs change. Our accounting and tax services can assist in the identification of these needs. We are here to meet these needs and to assist our clients in avoiding pitfalls. We’re also on hand to identify opportunities that occur with financial growth and business success.

Paul Bedinghaus, CPA has over two decades of accounting and tax experience working with physicians, entrepreneurs, professional athletes and individuals on their estate tax planning, guiding our clients through the process of how to best utilize asset protection strategies. Explore our popular accounting and tax services below.

Start Out Strong

A new practice or growing business needs optimized recordkeeping, accounting, and tax services. We assist our clients in the development of systems that dually identify where profits are coming from and alert clients to potential problems. Financial statement accuracy is crucial information for lenders, partners, investors, and government agencies.

Without a well-designed accounting system, it can be all too simple for financial misstatements to happen. In many ways, business and financial success depend on a well-managed and customized accounting system. Whatever our clients’ financial needs, we will be there with expert financial advice.

Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Tax Services We Offer

We work for sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, Subchapter S corporations, limited liability corporations (LLCs), nonprofit organizations (NPOs), unincorporated associates, estates and trusts, and home-based businesses in the greater Tampa Bay area and throughout Florida. We offer a wide range of services, including:

Tax Time

As a business, practice, or portfolio grows, it’s also a great challenge to stay on top of changing tax laws. We help our clients to maximize all the deductions available and pay no more than they’re required. We’re there at tax time so that filing a tax return won’t divert precious time and energy from your primary business of growing the enterprise, practice, or portfolio.

If our clients need representation in an IRS matter, we are there. Our expert tax team ensures that the tax code is properly and fairly interpreted for the client’s situation and that you have a tax strategy in place to minimize taxation and maximize returns. Our tax services include:

Our mission is to help clients sustain financial growth and keep more of what they earn. Because we routinely work with a variety of business structures, we know the recordkeeping, tax, and financial planning issues relative to each. We are also available to help our clients to discern whether the current structure is the best fit.

We offer flexible client appointments and are available to meet for in-office consultations or by phone or email. With more than 25 years of serving our clients, we look forward to helping you to maximize your financial management and tax planning.

Contact us now to discuss your accounting, bookkeeping and tax practice management needs. We offer an initial complimentary consultation.