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Asset Protection

Asset Protection

Risk-Reducing Asset Protection

Are you concerned that everything you have worked for and been able to accumulate could be suddenly taken away through litigation and claims by creditors? Asset protection is key to keeping your hard-earned assets safe.

The goal of asset protection, also referred to as debtor-creditor law, is to shield assets from claims of creditors without perjury or tax evasion. Protecting your family‚Äôs finances and well-being from risks is more than just having adequate insurance coverage and a lawyer on standby. It’s about having a sound financial and accounting strategy in place to set you and your assets up for long-term success.

Threats to Wealth

Today, you can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your assets. Threats to wealth are everywhere and you don’t want to leave your assets vulnerable to these threats:

  • Litigation
  • Taxes
  • Theft
  • Fraud
  • Mismanagement

Don’t be negligent, talk to Bedinghaus & Company about how to protect your assets from negligence.


Asset protection starts with how you are declaring as a business entity and the paperwork you need to file. At Bedinghaus, we get you set-up with the right business structure and ensure all the right paperwork is in place to protect your business, you, and your family. Starting out with the right foundation and a sound tax planning strategy is the key to keeping your wealth safe and growing.


Securing your assets comes in many forms, beginning with the right contracts, licenses, and agreement you have in place. From there, ask yourself these questions on securing your assets:

  • Do you have the right trademarks in place?
  • Are copyrights necessary?
  • Have any patents?
  • Are assets photographed and appraised properly?

Let us design a program to protect your assets from your creditors so you can rest easily, knowing this risk is greatly reduced. Contact us to learn more about asset planning protection.