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IRS Representation

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IRS consultant

IRS Disputes & Resolution

If you receive notice from the IRS, don’t panic, call us! We are certified to represent you and will find the best resolution for you and your business

Disputes can be complex and time-consuming. Our team will work on your behalf so that you can rest easy. With our tax representation and IRS resolution services, you’ll find comfort in knowing that our experts will protect your taxpayer rights by constantly reviewing the tax problem and assisting you through the entire process and taking the most appropriate action for your unique situation and get you the relief you need.

IRS Audit Assistance

If the IRS or other taxing authorities notify you of an audit or have questions about your tax return submission, our team of professionals can represent you and obtain a successful outcome. Our priority is you and we want to protect you and your assets.

Minimize Penalties & Tax Debt

It’s important to work with a professional CPA who knows your taxpayer rights. We can often minimize or eliminate penalties in an affordable and timely manner. Don’t wait until you have a lien or levy on your assets, let our tax professionals get to work on your behalf to minimize penalties and tax debt.

Don’t delay, contact us at first notice so that we can start working on your behalf right away.