Attorney & Law Firm Accounting Services

Bedinghaus & Company | Florida CPAs

As attorneys, accounting best practices are vital to protecting your assets whether you are an individual or run your own firm. A certified public accountant is a valuable member of a law firm team in order to create tax strategies that maximize profits and help grow the practice. Whether you are an individual attorney or own your own practice, we understand the unique professional and personal financial issues you are facing and can help form the right strategies to save you time and money. 

Law Firm Consulting & Tax Planning

Attorneys and law firms face unique financial and tax challenges that require professional attention in order to maximize tax benefits. We can provide assistance with billing audits, tax credit strategies, acquisitions, and more to set you and your practice up for success. 

Asset Protection for Attorneys & Law Firms

Should you buy or lease an office and supplies and how does that affect your taxes? We will review your current assets, investments, and more to find the right tax breaks and strategies to protect your assets and reduce taxable income. 

Bookkeeping & Bill Pay For Law Firms

We offer bookkeeping services to help streamline your accounting and keep everything in one place. We are familiar with the unique categories of expenses and invoices to keep your firm organized. No matter the size of your firm, let us help you increase efficiencies by letting our specialists assist with bookkeeping and bill pay for your practice. 

Tax Compliance & Preparation for Attorneys & Law Firms

With so many deductions and legislation to consider, having an accountant that specializes in attorneys and law firms can help you understand where the limits are and how you can maximize your deductions and return to protect yourself and your business. 

Retirement & Estate Planning for Attorneys

As high net worth individuals, there are more intricacies in long-term planning when it comes to accounting and tax strategies. We will be there to help support and plan as changes arise in tax legislation or your personal situation. If you are an attorney interested in tax strategies for you or your practice to maximize profits without sacrificing too much of your own time, get in touch with us today to get started.