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At Bedinghaus & Company, we pursue daily the ideals of precision accounting practices and the maximizing of tax law to the best benefit of our clients. We encourage our clients to lean on our expertise thereby removing the burden commonly associated with tax law issues. 

Many of our clients are professionals, such as doctors or lawyers, high net worth individuals, and business owners. As a practice, business, or portfolio grows, financial needs change. Our accounting and tax services can assist in the identification of these needs. We are here to meet these needs and to assist our clients in avoiding pitfalls. We’re also on hand to identify opportunities that occur with financial growth and business success. 

Paul Bedinghaus, CPA has over two decades of accounting and tax experience working with physicians, entrepreneurs, professional athletes and individuals on their estate tax planning, guiding our clients through the process of how to best utilize asset protection strategies. Explore our popular accounting and tax services below. 


"Are you anxious about the complexities of complying with the tax return filing requirements?"

Expert Tax Preparation

Bedinghaus & Company prepares tax returns for high-income individuals, and closely held businesses, corporations and partnerships, Trusts, and Estates. Through continuing education and daily updates, our accountants stay current on the latest tax law changes to ensure our clients pay no more tax than is necessary. 

Individual Tax Preparation

We get to know our clients on a personal level so that we can accurately find the most deductions and help set you up for success in the years to come. 


Business Tax Preperation

From small to large, easy to complex, we’ve done it all. You can trust our team to file your corporate taxes with ease. 

How Strategic Tax Planning Can Boost Your

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Savvy business owners strive to cut costs in their business operations. They avoid unnecessary spending wherever possible. And they make sure their equipment is efficient and their staff are working productively and proficiently. Similarly, wise 1099 contractors make sure they are spending only on items that are Bedinghaus & Co Page of 22 175 essential for them to undertake their work. But, if you are doing only that, you could be overlooking an important aspect of cutting costs that is vital in every business or work situation. Your taxes. Preparing your own taxes can be intimidating. Knowing how to set up your business, which deductions to take, or how to pattern your spending are not always easy decisions. On the other hand, having your business tax planning conducted by a professional tax expert often can pay for itself- here’s how. 

How a business tax consultant can help to minimize your taxes...

Strategic tax planning offered by an expert business tax consultant often can make a significant difference to your balance sheet and even in some cases tip the scales between profit and loss. Not only that, but some deductions often are specifically designed to assist you as a small business owner, medical or legal professional, or contractor in coping with the costs and challenges of running a business. So why not make use of them?


Our tax experts have the experience and the knowledge to determine ways in which we can help you cope with your tax demands. In some cases, we might find additional deductions you can take. In others, we might suggest you operate your business differently to take advantage of a tax benefit that might have been designed to help you in your business operation. In addition, we will advise you on strategies you can implement during the year to ease your tax burden the following year.

Your Corporate Set-up

We can help to ensure that you are operating under the right business structure. Even if you have some knowledge of the various structures, you cannot always be certain which type of company is best suited to your individual circumstances. For example, you might be operating as a sole proprietor and are wondering whether that is the right way to go or whether you will gain benefits as operating as an Limited Liability Company. Or perhaps you are interested in forming a corporation of some kind. Rather than try to work it out for yourself, you might want to visit us and let us provide you with the advice that you need. After all, when it comes to corporate structures, no one size fits all. Your special circumstances might mean a different business structure from the one under which you are operating now. We will let you know which is the best set-up under which you should operate.